‘The importance of Health Coaches’

Dr Jasmeen Mehta – NHS GP

‘I practise health coaching into my law firm’

Christina Ioannou – Health Coach & Solicitor

‘I now empower clients to make positive changes’

Izzy Walton – Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

‘I can really help people with their wellbeing’

Jessica Keplinger – Women’s Health Coach

‘Health Coaching healed my body’

Megan Al-Ghailani – Health Coach

‘I am the best version of myself’

Ioana Akdogan – Health Coach

‘Allowed me to future-proof my business & income’

Camille Pierson – Health Coach

 ‘I got my life back I’m now happy and healthy’

Claire Farrell – Health Coach

 ‘I am now pain free’

Jasmin Corbett – Health Coach

 ‘An unforgettable life-changing experience!’

Emily Grace – Health Coach

‘I get to empower others daily’

Siân Elizabeth – Health Coach

 ‘The perfect time to be a Health Coach!’

Anna Shelomentseva – Doctor and Health Coach.

‘I created my dream job within a year!’

Marie Frost – Health Coach

‘I have been seeing clients from all over the world’

Lauren Lewis – Health Coach

‘Health Coaching as the answer I was looking for!’

Ritu Awasthi – Health Coach

 ‘I’m now a natural fertility coach’

Carmeen Cimmino – Health Coach

 ‘The opportunities for Health Coaches are boundless’

Hema Rathod – Health Coach

‘Why I became a Health Coach’

Victoria Mudie – Health Coach & Course Director

‘Health Coaching was the missing link in my business’

Deborah Silver – Health Coach

 ‘I turned my passion into a career’

Anna Piechura – Health Coach

‘I was drawn to CNM’s Naturopathic Approach’

Adelle Adams – Health Coach